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Thank you for contacting FasTrak regarding questions pertaining to your denial.. Below you will find options to dispute (if applicable) Please make sure you request a "adverse action notice" from the landlord that denied you right away, if you have not received that. In order to know the reason for your denial, you will need that, and you may want to go back online (if you did not print out a copy of their criteria) both of these will guide you on what caused the denial.

If you were denied due to :

RENTAL: You may contact FasTrak to request "where/who we spoke to, to obtain the adverse rental" after that, you must Contact your past/present landlords and (THIS SAYS FOUND/SHOULD BE FIND) out what information they are reporting(this will not be given to you from us verbally/or the landlord your applying with now). If we informed you that the negative rental is on your credit, then you will need to get a copy of your credit through Trans Union at

(you must clear up all of it, before we can do anything/that means in writing, not verbally.

Once you find the negative, you must FIRST dispute it with your landlord who reported it, or the collection agency, and get is resolved BEFORE COMING to us. If you end up getting resolution, you may send a "letterhead from the community/collections agency" with the updated information/see email below for where to send it.

PLEASE NOTE: If you owed a landlord, and then you pay it after you have been denied, (this does not constitute an approval) You must contact the community or landlord you were denied by and ask them if they are willing to make an exception now that you paid it. Fastrak CANNOT.. make a decision for a landlord on any exceptions/once denied, the community you applied must make that decision..Fastrak is always willing to update your file as "paid" or change any issue, but in order to do so, you MUST provide a letterhead from the original collection agency, or apt stating it is different within 30 days of you applying. WE WILL NOT be able re open and re call on anything to update it without a $40 fee.

CRIMINAL: If you are unsure of the counties where we found your records, our staff would be happy to provide you the COUNTY and DATE and the amount of records if applicable/available, where we found the records, but we DO NOT disclose the details, that is something you will have to obtain..If your application states we found criminal, then you will need to obtain a copy of your criminal history to see what we saw upon running your report. If you find that something is inaccurate, you must go to the county and have it taken off. Once you do so, you may contact FasTrak via email with the "new file' or updated sentencing (whatever has changed) with a letter of explanation on why your disputting, and we would be happy to update it within 30 days of you applying.

CREDIT : If this box for credit/reason for your denial was marked.. You must obtain a copy via TRANS UNION, and you can view the adverse accounts we found... You can also go back to and use the code for the client you applied, and view the original criteria that you agreed upon... There you will find their guidelines/requirements, and by looking at your credit, it will reflect on why the "credit" disqualified you.

FasTrak does not "talk to you regarding your denial" or take verbal disputes. We want to protect you and be sure all information that is given and taken are documented. That is why we have created this email for you to help guide you if you DO happen to have something you dispute.

If there is anything other then an actual documented dispute that you have, you will need to contact the landlord that denied you, Fastrak cannot help you anything further. We are the screening company, and cannot make decision on "exceptions for another company"

Any dispute letters need to go to
A member of the staff will contact you within 3 business days confirming receipt on most occasions. Understand that the staff answering the phone CANNOT help you, and any abusive language, constant contact ,unreasonable behavior, will result in us no longer communicating with you, nor will our staff be able to help you further with disputes.
Thank you in advance
FasTrak Mgmt.